NOW HIRING: Data Scientist III

DISC is seeking to fill a 2 year renewable staff scientist position at Data Scientist III level. Responsibilities of the Data Scientist III position are as follows. Work independently, but in close consultation and in cooperation with Senior Scientists, design and perform experiments. Develop, adapt, and implement new research techniques and protocols.  Analyzes, interprets, summarizes and compiles data. Perform routine and complex laboratory procedures. Collaborate on current/future grants through participation in grant proposals, submissions, publications and presentations. Participate in contributing data to publications and presentations as co-author.  Participate in teaching, research, and mentoring including providing research guidance to graduate students or postdoctoral scholars.  We seek a background in bioinformatics, computational biology, biostatistics, or related field. Proficiency with R and Python programming, statistical analyses and use of next-generation sequencing tools. Experience analyzing large genomic and transcriptomic (bulk and single-cell) next-generation sequencing data. Experience leveraging data from publications and publicly available resources (GEO, TCGA, Ensemble, etc.).

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DISC Fellows:

DISC is accepting new applications for Fellows.

Overview: Data sciences can enable transformative research in many disciplines. Tufts has invested strategically in establishing the Data Intensive Studies Center to catalyze the growth of data science and data science enabled scholarship and education. To engage Tufts faculty in the development and growth of DISC and to provide them an opportunity to grow their research interests in this domain DISC will appoint a number of faculty fellows. Salient points of such appointments are:
- Salary support for 10% of time.
- Fellows will generally be appointed in annual cohorts with renewals possible.
- Fellows will be expected to anchor new DISC initiatives and thrust areas and will work closely with the SEED grant and Study group programs as appropriate.- Fellows will have access to DISC resources including staff.

We encourage faculty to nominate colleagues and/or self-nominate with a current CV and a short description (less than 1 page) of what they hope will be accomplished using the fellowship. Please note that we will be communicating with the unit head (department chair) to ensure compatibility of the fellowship with current responsibilities and commitments. These nominations may be made at any time and will be considered as positions open up.

To submit your nomination or self-nominate, please email documents to DISC@tufts.edu.