Seed Grant Winners

  • Predicting Dialogue Acts from Annotated Conversational Corpora

    Team Lead: JP de Ruiter (SoE)

    Team Member: Charles Threlkeld (SoE)

    Establishing a Data-Based Classification Criterion for Deep Eutectic Solvents

    Team Lead: Prof. Matthew Panzer (SoE)

    Enhancing Security, Utility, Access, and Impact of Big Data on Youth Voting in America

    Team Leads: Dr. Nancy Thomas and Dr. Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg (TISCH)

    Team Members: Prabhat Gautam, Dr. Kelly Siegel-Stechler, and Sarah Keese (TISCH)

    Unsupervised Clustering for Molecular Dynamics: Internal Distance Geometry and Manifold Dictionary Learning

    Team Leads: Prof. Yu-Shan Lin and Prof. James M. Murphy (A&S)

    Deep-learning enhanced multi-parametric quantitative ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging for early prediction of treatment response and recurrence

    Team Lead: Dr. Srivalleesha Mallidi (SoE)

    Systematic Inference Of Viral Phenotype Through AI Approaches

    Team Lead: Jonathan Runstadler (Cummings)

    Team Members: Martin Allen (SoE) and Laura Borkenhagen (Cummings)

    Parsing single cell transcriptomics with tissue localization and neurological behavior

    Team Lead: Shruti Sharma (TSUM)

    Team Members: Katherine Sulka (TSUM), Jacob Hopkins (TSUM), Machlan Sawden (TSUM), Albert Tai (TSUM), and Eric Reed (DISC)

    Agent-Based Computation and Data (ABCD)

    Team Lead: Bruce M. Boghosian (A&S)

    Team Members: Marc Hodes (SoE) and Peter J. Love (A&S)

    Physics Guided Deep Learning for Actionable Outcomes

    Team Lead: Shafiqul Islam (SoE)

    Team Members: James Adler (A& S), Laurie Baise (SoE), Georgios Georgalis (DISC), Xiaozhe Hu (A&S), Eric Miller (SoE), Babak Moaveni (SoE)

    Study Group for Spatial Multiomics

    Team Leads: Michael T. Chin (TMC), Paola Sebastiani (TMC), and Albert Tai (TSUM)

    Team Members: Rebecca Batorsky (CTSI), Heather Gardner (Cummings), Paul Mathew (TMC), Tanya Karagiannis (CTSI), Anastasia Gurinovich (TMC) and Eric Reed (DISC)

    TUFTS University Art Collection HACK-A-THON Working Group

    Team Lead: Dina Deitsch (SMFA)

    Team Members: Anna Haensch (DISC), Laura McDonald (SMFA)

  • Modeling Cholera Toxin Impact on Intestinal Goblet Cells Using Novel Trajectory Analysis Approaches
    Team Lead: Shuchin Aeron (SoE)
    Team Members: Carol Kumamoto (TUSM), Joan Mecsas (TUSM), and Wai-Leung Ng (TUSM)

    Rapid Classification of Transportation Infrastructure Damage and Loss Estimation using Image Libraries, Mobility Data, and Machine Learning
    Team Lead: Laurie Baise (SoE)
    Team Members: Shan Jiang (A&S) and Babak Moaveni (SoE)

    Reinventing the Study of Ancient Languages
    Team Lead: Gregory Crane (A&S)

    Data for All: Empowering Communities to Improve Health
    Team Lead: Christina Economos (Friedman)
    Team Members: Erin Hennessy (Friedman) and James Intriligator (SoE)

    Building a Theoretical Framework for Microbiomedata
    Team Lead: Colin Edwards (A&S)
    Team Members: Elizabeth Crone (A&S) and Benjamin Wolfe (A&S)

    The Priority Area Research Group on Equity
    Team Lead: Wenhui Feng (TUSM)
    Team Members: Jennifer Allen (A&S), Peter Levine (Tisch), and Thomas Stopka (TUSM)

    Data Science Methods to Enable Label-free, Morphofunctional Imaging in Human Tissue
    Team Lead: Irene Georgakoudi (SoE)
    Team Member: Liping Liu (SoE)

    Real-time Forecast for COVID-19 Laboratory Confirmed Cases
    Team Lead: Elena Naumova (Friedman)

    A Systems Biology Approach to Study Dysfunctional Neural Network Connectivity in Brain Disorders
    Team Lead: Thomas Nieland (SoE)
    Team Member: Donna Slonim (SoE)

    Using Agent-Based Models to Investigate Countermeasures for False Information Spread
    Team Lead: Matthias Scheutz (SoE)
    Team Member: Jan P. deRuiter (A&S)