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DISC & TIAI Symposium

April 28th & 29th
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177 College Ave., Medford, MA 02155
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April 28th & April 29th

April 28th: 5-7pm

April 29th: 8:30am - 6pm

Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed most domains of human inquiry and endeavor. Tufts has invested strategically in establishing the Data Intensive Studies Center (DISC) and the Tufts Institution for Artificial Intelligence (TIAI) to catalyze the growth of scholarship and education in these important domains. To focus the conversations and directions around these themes Tufts university is organizing a one day symposium on April 29 with an exciting range of speakers and panels. The  symposium will explore fundamental and applied topics central to both DISC and TIAI including

  • Mechanisms by which data sciences and AI can methods promote convergent research among the physical, life and social sciences and humanities to best address grand challenge problems.
  • Fundamental questions of reliability, robustness, verification and validation of Big Data, Machine Learning and AI-based models.
  • Issues of security, privacy, and bias need new methodologies and policies. How do we define needs and strategies for developing these?
  • Civic engagement and data science
  • Data Science and AI for Precision + X.  Data → Models → Policy

DISC will also be hosting a "Meet DISC/TIAI" event  and Poster Reception on April 28th at 5pm! (Free Food!!)



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Keynote Speakers

Plenary Speaker: George Em Karniadakis

Semi-plenary Speaker: Paul Cohen

Semi-plenary Speaker: Sauro Succi

Panel Keynote Speaker: Ruben Dries

Panel Keynote Speaker: Bruce Sherin

Panel Keynote Speaker: Youssef Marzouk

Panel Speakers D3M: D3M Program

Panel Keynote Speaker: Laura Biven

Panel Keynote Speaker: Yaneer Bar-Yam




  • The closest parking lots to Joyce Cummings Center (177 College Ave. Medford MA 02155) are Dowling Garage or Cousens Parking Lot.

  • Parking for Staff/Faculty without Medford permits is $5 for the day. - You will need to purchase this online here.

  • Staff/Faculty with Boston or Grafton Campus parking permits may fill out a form in order to park in Medford for the day. 

Visitor parking is a daily max of $20. - This can be purchased in advance or in the Dowling Garage Kiosk.

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