Data and Analytics Learning

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We will be offering very exciting set of training opportunities in data and computing sciences Tufts Initiative for Data and Analytics Learning (TIDAL), with contributions from several units – TTS and Data Lab, CTSI and many others promised. All courses are available to Tufts faculty, staff and students. These skills are increasingly essential in most fields of study and we hope that you will be able to take advantage of these during this enforced break to enhance your skills and improve your productivity.

Registration: We request you to register for classes you intend to attend and only the classes you intend to attend. The classes are being offered at no cost to you or your unit though please make appropriate arrangements with your supervisors as needed. 

Instruction Format: Classes will be all “zoomed” – some will be live taught while others will be asynchronous with video materials and instruction support with TA like support and Office hours.

All classes will be coordinated and supported by DISC. If you have any questions, or inquiries and suggestions about future class offerings, please contact


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